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Research Temporarily Stifled

For nearly a week, my research has been pretty much put on hold at Ancestry.com. At the same time that Ancestry.com released their iOS mobile update, many of their subscribers (myself included) lost all or nearly all of the hints that we had accumulated over the years to records about the ancestors in our family trees.

Only a very small fraction of my family tree is published on the Pope Family Tree website. In my entire tree, there are more than 21,000 people. With that many people in my tree, Ancestry.com had generated more than 60,000 record hints which I had been working my way through. Those record hints almost completely disappeared five days ago, leaving me with practically no leads to follow in the continuation of my research.

When brought to the attention of Ancestry.com support personnel, the only response that I or anyone else can get out of them is that they are aware of the problem, they are working on it, and they have no idea how long it will be before the problems with the hint system are fixed.

The hint system is not the only feature of Ancestry.com that has been having problems lately. Subscribers have also been reporting problems for the past ten days with obtaining their DNA raw data downloads. This is not good at all.

With as many problems as people appear to be having, I am really nervous about even synchronizing my FTM tree with my online tree. As such, many of the updates to the Pope Family Tree cannot yet be transferred over to my computer for upload to the Pope Family Tree site.

Rest assured, once things are back in working order at Ancestry.com, I'll be back at work researching and building onto the research that is already posted here. I will also be publishing an update to this site's database which will contain a literal ton of updated information.

Until then, guess I'm just gonna be moving along at a snail's pace.

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