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Genealogy Software Available

If you're into genealogy, use genealogy software, and have more than a thousand people in your tree, chances are good that there are some errors in your tree. If you've ever merged GEDCOM files into your existing tree, the chances that errors made their way into your tree are even greater than you might think.

While genealogy software may scan for and automate the repair of some errors, there are two errors that seem to never get fixed: multiple parent errors and multiple gender errors.

Multiple parent errors are where one individual has more than one father, more than one mother, and-or parents who are not linked to each other through marriage or some other form of union in the genealogy software.

Multiple gender errors are when the genealogy software assigns more than one gender fact to an individual. The gender facts could all be the same, or they could be different... it really doesn't matter. Fact is, as far as GEDCOM files go an individual is only supposed to have one gender fact - no more, and no less.

GEDCOM Scan One v.1.0.0 Shareware

A few months ago, I built a small software program to help me locate multiple parent and multiple gender errors in my tree. Simply put, the software scans a GEDCOM file exported from my genealogy software then reports on any of the two errors detected. I then simply save the report to my computer and use it as a reference as I locate and repair the errors using my genealogy software.

The result... a more reliable family tree.

I'm now making that exact same software product available to the public. Just click the "Genealogy Software" link in the Pages section on the left side of this page, then click the download link for the software titled GEDCOM Scan One.

This software is distributed as Shareware in hopes of raising a bit of money to help fund my genealogical research and to help maintain this website. If you download the software, use it, and find that it serves a valuable purpose to your genealogical research, please follow the link to the left titled "Contribute" and send a small contribution to my research efforts.

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