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The Ancestors of Nancy (Treadaway) Pope

Nancy (of Daniel, Richard, Daniel, Richard, Richard)
Nancy Treadaway born c.1817 in Anson Co., North Carolina, married William H. Pope c.1839 in North Carolina. William was born c.1818 in Anson Co., North Carolina, the son of William and Martha (Barnes) Pope. Nancy was counted in her father's household in Anson, North Carolina in the 1840 census. By July of 1851 Nancy and her husband had migrated out of the state of North Carolina. In July of 1851, Nancy and William, along with Daniel (Nancy's father) and her Uncle Randall, are named as co-defendants in the matter of "JOHN TYSON JR., Adm'r of RICHARD TREADAWAY VS. DANIEL TREADAWAY, RANDAL TREADAWAY, WILLIAM POPE and wife, NANCY - Petition for Sale of Land to Pay Debts". Nancy and William, along with their family, are enumerated in the 1860 census for Township 13 Range 4 East, Marengo, Alabama. William served in the Confederacy, enlisting in Co. I, 3rd Alabama Reserves in 1864. He died, reportedly of smallpox, in c.1865. In 1870, Nancy was enumerated as the head of household in Shiloh, Marengo, Alabama. In 1880, Nancy and her youngest son Thomas Curby Pope were enumerated as servants in the household of Joshua N. and Mary A. (Pope) Kiker in Pineville, Marengo, Alabama. No record of Nancy's death has ever been found. She is believed to have died at some time between 1880 and 1900 in Marengo, Alabama. Nancy and William's children were -

  1. Emeline Pope, b: 1845, NC*
  2. William A. Pope, b: 1849, NC*, married Mary B. Cobb on 20 Aug 1872 in Marengo, AL.
  3. Joel Francis Pope, b: 1855, AL, married Clara Ann Rebecca Pruett on 14 Jun 1877 in Marengo, AL.
  4. John Eli Pope, b: 1859, Marengo, AL, married Mary Octavia Cooper on 14 Dec 1880 in Marengo, AL.
  5. Thomas Curby Pope, b: 1863, Marengo, AL, married Masura Ellen Green on 06 Sep 1883 in Marengo, AL.

* Note: Some records suggest that Emeline and William A. Pope may have been the children of Joel W. Pope (William's paternal 1st cousin), but since they are enumerated in the 1860 household of William H. and Nancy (Treadaway) Pope they will be left in this family until such time that records prove what is currently only suggested.

In my previous article, I included links to four PDF files which demonstrate a large number of errors in the Descendants of Richard Treadway website. It was necessary to identify and correct these errors in order that proper research could be conducted to discover the ancestors of Nancy Treadaway, the wife of William H. Pope.

The following PDF file contains detailed steps which I have taken to provide with an amount of reasonable certainty that the Nancy Treadaway who married William H. Pope was the daughter of Daniel and Mahulda "Hulda" (Johnson) Treadaway.

File: Nancy-Treadaway.pdf

Also, as of today (July 06, 2015) all of my research on the Nancy Treadaway branch of this family tree will be made forever public on Ancestry.com. The tree is simply named "Treadaway", it contains corrections to the Descendants of Richard Treadway genealogy as I locate the errors, and it contains all of my PDF files as documentation to changes that I make.

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