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For Researchers of Nancy (Treadaway) Pope

The wife of William H. Pope of the 1860 Marengo, Alabama census was Nancy Treadaway. Nancy's last name is proven by the death records of her son, Thomas Curby Pope. Popular opinion is that Nancy's middle name was "Emeline". Thus far, I have been completely unable to locate historic records to demonstrate this to be correct. It is my belief that the popular opinion as to Nancy's middle name may be based solely upon the fact that the eldest female child enumerated William H. Pope's family in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census of Marengo, Alabama was named Emeline.

I believe that I have already identified the parents and ancestors of Nancy Treadaway. I am, however, reluctant to publish that information here at the current time because of conflicts arising from my genealogical research with the information contained within the family trees of others.

The conflicts between my research and the trees of other researchers appear to be rooted in those other researchers' reliance upon information contained within the "Descendants of Richard Treadway" website instead of upon historic records and due diligent research. While the "Descendants of Richard Treadway" website does provide some amount of valuable information for genealogical research in the Treadway/Treadaway families, it is also wrought with errors.

I have reached out to the webmaster of the Treadway website and sent him three PDF documents demonstrating just a handful of the errors contained in his site. I sincerely hope that he will apply the necessary corrections to his site so that other researchers may better benefit from his online resource.

For those who rely/relied upon the "Descendants of Richard Treadway" website for their genealogical works, I am making those three PDF files available so that you may benefit by correcting these errors in your trees.

File 1: Treadaway-Review-1.pdf.

File 2: Treadaway-Review-2.pdf.

File 3: Treadaway-Review-3.pdf.

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