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Marengo, AL Pope and Hill Relation Confirmed With AncestryDNA

The previous article that I published on 19 Oct, 2013 was titled 'Hills, Huckabees, Whites and Popes of Alabama'. It outlined the line of descent from Sterling Hill, Sr. to my great grandfather, Marion Colie Pope.

Figuring out this line of descent was not necessarily an easy task. Relying upon the U.S. Federal Census, alone, would not have filled in the gaps necessary to complete the task and paint a complete picture. Instead, the meat of my research was furnished by the Confederate pension records of Green Berry Hill, my 2nd great grandfather.

I'm really excited to say that through AncestryDNA testing, confirmation to my research has been provided. My DNA and the DNA of Ancestry.com username "vanceriley" has been found to be a match for relation. By comparing our family trees, AncestryDNA has determined that our common ancestor is Sterling Hill, Sr.

Note: The Heritage of Marengo County, Alabama (p.222) states that Lydia Alabama Hill was "born in Texas in 1858 and married E.B. Riley". U.S. Federal Census and other historic records indicate that this is incorrect.

Lydia Alabama Hill first married a Mr. Mackey (I have yet to learn his first name). Following Mr. Mackey's death, she then married Joseph R. Riley. Together, Joseph and Lydia parented Eddie Bell Riley, whom I believe was the "E.B. Riley" mistakenly stated to be Lydia's spouse in the heritage book.

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